Wheelie Bin News Roundup 27th February

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 27th February

The Month in Wheelie Bin Headlines


In New Zealand, a student appeared in court after he was caught ‘joyriding’ in a wheelie bin. Police were called to a suburban street in the Dunedin area in the early hours after residents called them to complain about people riding wheelie bins down the steep street. Three students were spoken to, and the young man in the wheelie bin was charged with wilful damage and disorderly behaviour.

Firefighters in Rhyl were called when three wheelie bins were set on fire with hot ashes. The property owner managed to extinguish the fire before they arrived, but the wheelie bins were completely destroyed.


Students have successfully won a legal battle over a bin without a lid, after they were able to prove it didn’t belong to them. Nottingham City Council accused the students of leaving the bin out after it had been emptied, but the students were able to show that the bin had been there prior to them leasing the property. Their proof was shown nicely on a Google Earth picture, which showed that the battered wheelie bin was there before they moved in. The bin was full of stagnant water and it smelled bad, but the images clearly show that the bin had been on the street at least three months before they moved in. The council threatened the students with court, but soon withdrew the notice when presented with the images.


A woman in Queensland managed to fill up FIVE wheelie bins with the bodies of hundreds of dead bats that dropped dead near her property due to a recent heatwave. She found the dead bats under a large tree, and she believes they would have died when temperatures reached 43 degrees earlier in the month. The woman cleaned up the dead bats with the help of a neighbour. Around 2000 bats perished in the latest heatwave according to bat rescuers.


A Devon woman is demanding a refund on her council tax after her green bin was only emptied ONCE in 6 months. The woman said she has complained to the council about the matter five times. She wrote a letter to her local newspaper which stated that she always took her organic recycling to a local recycling centre until she lost use of her vehicle, so she started to make more use of her green bin. She went on to say that her bin has only been emptied once in 6 months, despite repeated complaints to the council’s customer service department. She said that considered tipping her waste onto the street to get attention from the council, and that she has applied for a council tax reduction, considering that she is paying for a service that she has not received. The council said they are investigating.