Wheelie Bin News Roundup 22nd April

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 22nd April

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 22nd April


Instead of spending her weekend eating Easter eggs, one 9-year-old girl in Grimsby spent it clearing up rubbish from a local park and putting up posters encouraging people to put their litter in recycling bins. But she was left devastated after the posters were ripped down and wheelie bins were dumped in the park’s lake. It’s believed that a group of youths were the perpetrators.

The bins were full of rubbish that could harm wildlife and the environment, including detergent, dog waste bags, rotting food, takeaway trays, coffee cups, plastic bottles, and cans.

The little girl said that people who do these things are not welcome in the park, because people come to see the ducks and swans, and things like this can harm them. Her mother said that people do awful things to the park that children have to witness.

The council is working with the police to find the offenders. A local councillor commented that the parks are there for everyone to enjoy and that a minority of people were spoiling things for the majority.


Girl Clearing Up Rubbish


North West Leicestershire District Council has been criticised for attaching non-recyclable flyers to around 45,000 wheelie bins. The council is taking part in a campaign to tackle election fraud, and it received £6,000 from the government to attach the campaign flyers to bins, warning people of the need to bring their polling card with them when they vote in local elections in May. Some people took to Facebook to point out the irony that the council used plastic flyers to send people a message about not throwing their polling card away. Others said it was irresponsible and a waste of money.

The council gave an explanation, after receiving around 20 calls and emails, saying that the flyers were a trial scheme that was fully-funded by the Cabinet Office.


People living near Ellesmere park in Farnworth, Manchester, say it’s being blighted by youths who are constantly setting fire to wheelie bins. They say that wheelie bins are being stolen and torched there and one person said the emergency services has attended the park three times in one night recently. Another resident said that the youths aren’t frightened of the police and they aren’t sure what can be done. A teenage boy was recently stabbed in the park, and people living nearby claim that it often looks like ‘World War III’ on weekend evenings and in the school holidays.