Wheelie Bin News Roundup 21st May

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 21st May

Wheelie bin news roundup 21st May

The fire service in Kenilworth have warned residents about disposing of hot ashes from their barbecue before they have cooled down after they put out a wheelie bin fire. Ashes had been discarded in a wheelie bin and had ignited, causing the blaze. Fire chiefs have warned of the potential for fire to spread to properties and endanger life.

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A community warden in East Lothian has urged dog owners to dispose of dog waste in ANY green wheelie bins, stating ‘it all goes to the same place.’ He made the suggestion after complaints that there weren’t enough dog waste bins, which was causing an increase in dog fouling. The warden told people who attended a community meeting that as long as the waste is bagged, it can be put in any bin. Some councillors raised concerns that it might cause confrontations if the owners of the wheelie bins had random people putting dog waste into their bins. East Lothian Council stated that putting dog waste in someone else’s bin was not a suitable way to dispose of it because residential green waste bins are for domestic use only.

The council and the community wardens have urged people to report incidences of dog fouling to them so that they could be made more aware of where there is a problem and take action. The council are promoting the area as being ‘Dog Friendly...Poo free’ in posters, and they’ve thrown their support behind a Green Dog Walker’s scheme, where owners pledge to be proactive and responsible on their walks.

An angry resident in the Dovercourt area of Essex has said she is disgusted at the amount of plastic litter in the area that is not being cleared up. She said that recycling boxes often blow down the road and leave a trail of plastic and other litter strewn around, which she say bin men aren’t picking up. The resident has contacted Tendring Council about the problem, who say that the recycling boxes have a lid to prevent rubbish being blown around and that they’re large enough to hold up to 2 weeks’ worth of recycling.

The council are introducing wheelie bins next summer instead of the current black bags which they hope will put an end to the problem of waste being blown around. They commented on refuse collectors failing to pick up the rubbish on the street and said that teams have a certain amount of time to do their rounds so they may not be able to pick all rubbish up. They added that if residents make them aware of problem areas, they can send street cleaning teams out.