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Wheelie Bin News Roundup 20th February

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 20th February

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 20th February


A wheelie bin got caught in overhead power lines when it was being emptied by a garbage truck in a residential street in Melbourne, Australia. The bin wheels got caught on a phone line, and it was suspended in mid-air for almost half an hour until another garbage truck came along and assisted the other crew to retrieve it safely.


There have been calls for a referendum on the introduction of wheelie bins in Colchester. The bins are set to be introduced to some areas of the borough this summer, despite residents telling the council that they did not want them. The local leader of a conservative group has said that any proposed changes to refuse collection should be put to a vote, as stated in the conservative manifesto. He also said that having different collection systems in different areas would make waste collection more expensive. The council has stated that they intend to introduce wheelie bins and fortnightly waste collections to certain parts of the borough, while in the remaining areas, collections will remain the same for the time being.


Residents in Aberdeen are calling for action after claims that the pavements outside of their homes are always blocked by wheelie bins. Residents in Union Place and Step Row in the west end of Aberdeen say that they must walk on the road because of the extent of the obstruction caused by the bins. The problem is being caused by the bins being left out on the street after they have been emptied. The residents say that the main culprits are people living in local flats, where there are many bins attached to a property. They have called on landlords to ask tenants to take their bins in, but this hasn’t resolved the issue.


A woman has been prosecuted after putting her bin out 2 days before it was due to be collected. Stoke on Trent council took action against the woman after an environmental crime officer found a bag of rubbish in an alleyway, and discovered that it belonged to the woman. She admitted in an interview that the rubbish belonged to her and that she had put her bin out early. It also emerged that she claimed that others had gone through her rubbish which had caused it to be strewn across the street. She was ordered to pay £200 costs and received a 6-month conditional discharge. The council said that residents are always encouraged to put their bins out for collection at the correct time, and not too early as it can attract anti-social behaviour. They emphasised that they have been working hard to improve the appearance of local areas, and have done a lot of work to raise awareness about fly-tipping and the need to dispose of waste correctly.

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