Wheelie Bin News Roundup 15th October

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 15th October

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 15th October

Two prisoners managed to escape from a prison in Kentucky by hiding inside wheelie bins. The pair were working in the prison kitchen when they saw their chance to escape. They hid inside two kitchen bins which were then wheeled outside by another inmate. They changed out of their prison jumpsuits and made a run for it. Someone saw them and told the authorities which sparked a manhunt. The escape was caught by security cameras and it was released by the police to help them catch the criminals, dubbed ‘the trash can bandits.’ The footage went viral. Three other prisoners were charged with helping the two escape. One of the escaped men was arrested three days later, but the other man led police on a chase, damaging cars before he was finally arrested.

Drivers on the A47 were forced to swerve to avoid wheelie bins that were falling from the back of a lorry. A driver behind the lorry managed to catch dashcam footage of the top of the stack of bins clipping a tree which was overhanging the road. The driver had to swerve to avoid the bins, and one bin fell in each lane, which caused an obstruction. Norfolk and Suffolk Police confirmed the incident had not been reported to them.

A recent survey carried out by Louth County Council found that a huge number of homes don’t have a properly organised waste collection service.

The council issued 372 litter fines in the past year, so they carried out a survey in one estate of 301 homes to find out what the possible causes of the litter problem could be.

On waste collection days, council staff counted the number of bins that were left out for collection and found that 160 homes were using a waste collection service and 140 were not.

The Director of Housing raised the issue at a meeting last week and said that questions must be asked about where the waste is going.

One councillor confirmed that new legislation was being introduced that would see all council tenants having to prove that they were using an organised waste collection service. She added that something could be done before the introduction of the new rules to tackle litter and fly-tipping. Another councillor said that he had seen someone dumping bags of rubbish with his own eyes and added that there was a huge amount of fly-tipping going on in the county.