Wheelie Bin Headlines May

Wheelie Bin Headlines May

The Month in Wheelie Bin Headlines

 A banned driver who hid inside a wheelie bin to evade police after a car chase has been given a prison sentence. The woman from Leeds was given an 8-month prison sentence after damning footage of a high-speed police chase was shown in court. The chase occurred just 2 months after she had been banned from driving.

The court heard how she failed to stop when police signalled for her to do so, and she drove dangerously to evade capture, speeding through red lights, and driving on the wrong side of the road. She was also observed to be driving at 80mph in a 30mph zone. She lost control of the vehicle, then fled when it stopped, running through gardens, and hiding in a wheelie bin.

Read more at: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/yorkshire-post/20170522/281891593214319

120 wheelie bins were set on fire near a pier at a popular Suffolk seaside resort. Firefighters had to spend an hour tackling the fire in Southwold. The bins were destroyed, and there were only sets of wheels and bits of melted plastic left behind. Police say that they believe that the fire was deliberate. They believe that the fire is linked to another blaze which occurred at a local golf course, just days earlier. Police say they are still investigating, but they are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Pedestrians in Dundee claim that their safety is being put at risk, as a new recycling scheme is forcing them to walk on the road.

Residents of Janefield Place in the city have criticised the council for ‘imposing’ the new scheme on them. Residents complain that the streets are so narrow that refuse vehicles can’t even get access, so they don’t see why having so many bins is a good idea.

There are concerns about the safety of children who use the road to gain access to a nearby sports facility. Residents claim that because pavements are narrow, and there are cars parked along the street, that when bins are put out for collection, youngsters have to walk on the road.

They add that drivers who come out of the sports centre often speed along the road, making the safety issue even more of a concern.

The council have responded to these concerns by saying that a thorough assessment is carried out before bins are allocated to an area to make sure that it is suitable and safe enough for the bins to be used correctly. They have said that the new scheme will go ahead, but it will be reviewed at regular intervals and any pressing concerns will be taken into consideration.

A car fire in North Yorkshire it is believed to have been caused by a wheelie bin "spontaneously combusting". Fire crews were called to a fire outside a house in Boroughbridge, which is thought to have been caused by the combustion of garden waste that was deposited in the bin earlier that day. The fire only caused minor damage to the vehicle.