The Trash Test Dummies

The Trash Test Dummies

The Trash Test Dummies and The Dangers of Wheelie Bin Jumping


Wheelie bins are often used for things other than for what they were intended. There’s a wheelie bin racing championship, and let’s not forget how they are used by unscrupulous thieves who use them to make off with stolen goods.

But what would you think about taking the kids to see a circus act where the performers use wheelie bins? Well now you can

The Trash Test Dummies

The Trash Test Dummies are a group of Australian acrobats and circus performers who do stage shows and host workshops for people of all ages, from pre-school children to adults. At the workshops, participants can learn skills such as hoola hooping, juggling, and acrobatics.

The show

The show has won best children’s show at the Adelaide fringe festival and they have been nominated for countless other awards. The performers have won rave reviews for their slapstick routine of acrobats, juggling, and stunts, demonstrating uses of a humble household wheelie bin that will blow your mind!

The 60-minute long show starts with a comedy routine based on throwing an empty plastic bottle into a black rubbish sack, though the performers fail. They then invite a young member of the audience up on stage to help. Then comes the wheelie bins; where the acrobats move in, out, and on top of the bins in a display of superhuman strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Children (and adults) are reminded not to copy what they are seeing at home, and the performers use ordinary household objects to juggle, do tricks, and perform a funny and entertaining routine.


But that’s not all

Wheelie bin jumping

Okay, so we aren’t saying that you need to be an acrobat to climb into a wheelie bin, but sometimes people fall foul of doing just that.

These days, we all seem to produce more waste, and with councils cutting down on collections to save cash, we have to make our bin space stretch that little bit further. So many people climb into their bin and jump on the waste to make it more compact. Sounds reasonable, right?

Well, one man was doing just that, when the bin shot out from under him and he landed on the wheels. He had forgotten that he had dumped the base of his Christmas tree in the bin, then loaded bags on top. The bin decided it couldn’t take anymore. Needless to say, his wife found the fact he had fallen out of the bin hilarious. When she relayed the tale to friends, many of their husbands said that they also indulged in wheelie bin jumping.

But the incident didn’t discourage him, and he still jumps on top of his wheelie bin and counts it as exercise!

The moral of the story? Maybe leave jumping in and out of the bin to the acrobats!