Stoke Residents Who Leave Their Bins Out Could be Fined £100

Stoke Residents Who Leave Their Bins Out Could be Fined £100

Stoke Residents Who Leave
Their Bins Out Could be Fined £100


Stoke residents could be given £100 fines if they keep leaving their bins out after collection day. Residents living in the Dyke Street area received letters from the council reminding them to bring their bins back in after neighbours raised concerns.

The council said it wants to work with people to resolve the issue and will only issue fines as a last resort.

It’s taken this decision as bins are being left out permanently and blocking pavements which causes problems for disabled people or parents with pushchairs. Residents who leave their bins in the street said that they are unable to drag their bin back to their property due to the street being on a steep slope.

The problem was first discussed at a resident’s association meeting. One resident said that wheelie bins have only become mainstream in the last few years, and before that, they always had black sacks, as refuse vehicles often struggled to access the steep street. She added that residents have had no clear answers from the council when they have discussed the access problem with them.


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One man said that the wheelie bins don’t block access and that people find it hard to move the bins to the back of their properties because the bank is so steep. He admitted that they can look unsightly but added that it was not a problem that was confined solely to his street.

A local councillor said that the council has been contacted by residents complaining that many bins are left out after collection day, and that some are left out in the street permanently. He added that wheelie bins that are left out the pavement can obstruct pedestrians, especially disabled people and people with pushchairs, and not only that, they’re a target for vandals and fly-tippers.

The council emphasised that it has sent letters out to residents about their wheelie bins, and that it will potentially fine people who continue to leave their bins out despite the warning.