Silly Mr. Traffic Warden

Silly Mr. Traffic Warden

Silly Mr Traffic Warden


Usually when there’s news involving wheelie bins, it’s one of three things: 

1)     Someone’s stolen a wheelie bin.

2)     Someone’s melted a wheelie bin.

3)     Someone’s used a wheelie bin to steal something… then perhaps melted it.

So yeah, it’s rarely anything that will make you smile. However, we couldn’t help but share a from Carmarthen in south west Wales about a traffic warden being investigated after issuing a parking ticket. This in itself is a bit odd, because surely it’s their job to do that. Maybe he slapped it on the Lord Mayor’s limo, or a police car, or got a bit shirty over someone who’d blocked a fire exit to do a bit of shopping? You’d be understood for guessing along those lines, but you’d also be way off the mark.

Instead, this chap was spotted issuing a parking ticket to a Biffa wheelie bin that was sat on double yellow lines. According to Carmarthenshire Council, it was all a funny joke and there was no actual penalty charge notice inside the waterproof plastic packet, yet still the traffic warden responsible is undergoing a formal investigation. Poor guy, all he wanted was to bring a smile, or perhaps a raised eyebrow, to people’s faces for a change. Hopefully he's just had a slap on the wrist and is back on the streets, issuing tickets to telephone boxes and dogs tied up outside Costa.



Image courtesy of BBC


The owner of the wheelie bin is unnamed, but we’d love to know if they’ve "parked" it on double yellows since this incident. Maybe they're keeping clear of no parking zones, or perhaps they do what we all do and get someone to sit inside and frantically shout "Don't worry' they'll be back in a minute" when they see a warden approaching.