Glasgow Residents Will Have to Pay Extra to Have Their Bins Pulled Out

Glasgow Residents Will Have to Pay Extra to Have Their Bins Pulled Out

Residents in the West End of Glasgow have been forced to fork out money to a private company to have their wheelie bins pulled out and returned as part of a Housing Association pilot scheme. The scheme comes after the introduction of Glasgow council’s Bin Replacement Programme which will see small metal dustbins replaced with larger wheeled bins for people living in flat and tenements.

One resident said she was shocked to see the extra charge on her monthly bill which was listed as ‘bin pull-out service.’ She added that Glasgow council empty the bins and now she has to pay an additional fee to have her bin returned to its original location.

Residents say they pay enough council tax

The consensus among residents is that they already pay enough council tax and the old system was working fine, so they can’t really see the point of the change.

The Housing Association told residents that the council had approached them about providing the pull out services, and added that the council offered to provide a number of wheelie bins free of charge in return.

A spokesperson for the council said the Housing Association was in agreement as more easily-accessible bins would mean fewer missed bin collections, and workers would have an easier job returning the bins after collection.


Wheelie Bins


The council had to act after reports of vermin infestations

A council spokesman added that it has been working with housing associations across Glasgow to introduce the bin replacement programme. He added that the housing associations arrange the pulling of the bins onto the street so they can be easily collected by refuse teams.

The council’s bin replacement programme will see 50,000 steel bins replaced by large wheelie bins which will help reduce the spillage of rubbish onto the street and also reduces the risk of the rubbish attracting vermin. The programme is expected to be completely rolled out by the back end of 2020.

The council said it had to act after reports of countless issues with the original refuse collection service and many reports of vermin infestations which were having a negative effect on residents and the environment.