Recycling Old Clothes for a Good Cause

Recycling Old Clothes for a Good Cause

Recycling Old Clothes for a Good Cause

It’s the time of year when you might think about giving to others, and a home for abandoned babies is hoping that people in the East London area will donate their unwanted men’s, women’s and baby clothing which will be sold in a charity shop to raise funds.

There are bright yellow wheelie bins located in different locations around the area where people can securely deposit their unwanted items.

Funds from the clothing sales help the charity to take care of the babies until they are successfully adopted, and they also pay for the salaries of 8 members of staff who work at the home.

What else can you do with unwanted clothes?

Don’t contribute to the 1 million tonnes of clothing that is discarded every year, try reusing or recycling your unwanted clothes. Here’s how;

Donate them to charity

Giving your clothes to charity will benefit those less fortunate, and you’ll be helping the environment too.

Sell them

Everyone can do with an extra bit of cash at this time of year, so why not put your unwanted clothes on eBay, especially if they are in decent condition?

Swap them

Why not organise a party with friends, where you take along some items of clothing to swap? Known as swishing, this is a great way to have fun and get a brand-new outfit!

Textile banks

If your clothes aren’t in good enough condition to give away, take them to a textile bank. The clothes are sorted by quality and fabric, and turned into new yarn or fabric, or used as stuffing for furniture and other items.

Reuse them

If you are a dab hand at sewing, turn your clothing into something new, or if it’s past its best, use it as cleaning rags.


Dye your clothing, add sequins, patches, or other embellishments and you could create a completely new item of clothing that might just jazz up your wardrobe.