Overflowing Bins in Dundee are Attracting Rats

Overflowing Bins in Dundee are Attracting Rats

Overflowing Bins in Dundee Are Attracting Rats


Residents in the Seabraes Lane area of Dundee are angry that overflowing bins have attracted rats to their neighbourhood. Students living in the area have stated that the problem has been going on for months. Items that are spilling out of the bins and attracting the vermin include rotten food and pizza boxes. Signs have been put up by residents urging people to contact Dundee City Council about the waste. One student said that the bins hadn’t been emptied for 4 weeks and that she has put signs up asking residents to recycle as much as possible to avoid adding to the problem. She has complained to the council that there aren’t enough bins to cope with demand, given that there is a large student population in the area.

Some residents who are leasing properties in the area said that the problem makes them not want to live there any longer. The council have responded by saying they are looking into the problem.

How to reduce waste at home

There’s nothing worse than an overflowing bin, and it’s a good idea to reduce the waste you throw away, especially as many councils are now reducing the frequency of general waste collections. Here are some steps you can take to cut down on what you throw away:

  • Buy what you need: Buy one get one free offers and multibuy offers are only good offers if you’re going to use what you’ve bought. They’re not good value or good for the environment if you end up throwing them away. Try to just buy what you need.
  • Buy reusable items: Think rechargeable batteries and reusable bottles. Single-use products create a lot of waste.
  • Buy multi-purpose cleaning products: This will save money and it creates less waste.
  • Try to buy products with less packaging: More packaging equals more potential for waste.
  • Sell, donate or repurpose old items: Someone might be able to get some use from what you were going to throw in the bin.
  • Contact the Data Marketing Association at www.dma.org.uk to remove your name from mailing lists and cut down on the junk mail you receive.
  • Reuse paper and envelopes: Use it to make notes or shopping lists.
  • Reuse cardboard, newspaper and bubble wrap: These can be used in school projects or as packaging materials.
  • Reuse glass jars: They make handy storage containers for just about anything.
  • Reuse plastic and paper bags: They can be kept in the house or car to put rubbish in.