No-Deal Brexit Could Affect Bexley’s Bins

No-Deal Brexit Could Affect Bexley’s Bins

No-Deal Brexit Could Affect Bexley’s Bins

A Bexley Council report has revealed that a no-deal Brexit could result in delays in delivering new wheelie bins and a jump in costs.

Councillors had previously raised concerns about the impact Brexit might have on the delivery of wheelie bins from Europe, and if the UK leaves without a deal, there could be significant delays in the delivery of goods coming through ports and expensive tariffs levied on goods.

The council report states that if there was no deal, a 6.5% tariff could be levied on wheelie bins and there would be the potential for delays which could affect the council’s service provision.

The Council’s contingency plan

The Council does have a contingency plan. It plans to arrange to have at least four weeks’ worth of wheelie bins in stock before the rollout so that it can begin on schedule and services won’t be adversely affected.

Bexley council plans to rollout new bins in July and anticipate that it will take 14 weeks to deliver two bins to each household in the borough. One bin will be for mixed recycling, and the other will be for paper and cardboard.

Changing the way rubbish is collected

It comes as part of the Council’s plans to deliver 160,000 new wheelie bins to residents to change how rubbish is collected in the borough. Recycling collections will take place every two weeks as the authority tries to boost recycling rates and save money.

Waiting with bated breath

Businesses are still waiting with bated breath to see what kind of Brexit happens. A no-deal Brexit has not been completely ruled out, and with the EU granting the UK a Brexit delay until October 31st, it’s still a definite possibility. I wonder where we'll be at the start of 2020?