Kitchen Bins, Size Matters

Kitchen Bins, Size Matters

Household bins are a necessity, especially in the kitchen, but if you don’t have a lot of space to play with you might be wondering what size bin you really need.

The first thing to think about is how much waste you generate on average, and how often you have to empty your kitchen bin. Other factors to take into account include recycling provision and how often your waste is collected.

Kitchen Bins

Most councils provide households with either a 240 litre or 120 litre bin. If your rubbish fills a 240 litre bin each week, then you are producing around 30 litres of waste each day. If you tend to empty your bin every few days, you’ll need a bin that can hold 40-50 litres of waste.

If you find that your wheelie bin is only half full each week, or you fill a smaller 120 litre wheelie bin, you’re probably producing around 10-15 litres of waste per day, and if you empty your kitchen bin every few days, you’ll need a bin that takes around 20-30 litres of waste.

What size bin is suitable for my household?

15-30 Litres: Choose this size if you have a small household, not much space, and there are only 1-2 people living there.

30-40 Litres: Good for small households that don’t produce too much waste.

40-50 Litres: Perfect for families of 2-4 people or people who don’t want to empty their bins too often.

50+ Litres: This is for bigger families who generally produce a lot of waste.

Recycling Bins

Many councils now ask residents to separate their waste at source and while putting it in different sacks or bags might do, having a recycling bin in your home is even better.

Recycling at home is easy and hygienic if you choose the right bin for your needs. Our recycling bins are ergonomically designed, stylish and customisable to fit perfectly into the space you have available.

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