I say, I say, I say

I say, I say, I say

I Say, I Say, I Say...


You look like you could do with a laugh, and being on a wheelie bin website, perhaps you're in the mood for a wheelie bad joke?

We apologise if you find any of these gags in bad taste. We found them online and simply wanted to share the fun. Hope you enjoy!


I often worry that my neighbours would think I'm an alcoholic if they saw the contents of my wheelie bin. I sleep in it when I'm too wasted to get my key in the door.


Headline: “Man dumped in wheelie bin.”
What an unfortunate and peculiar way to end a relationship.

 Cat in a Bin

I watched the video of the woman putting the cat in the wheelie bin and was horrified.
The BLUE bin? BROWN surely!


As I sat at the traffic lights, a policeman drove up beside me and said: “Step out please, sir”.
“Is there a problem, officer?” I replied. 
“I have reason to believe you're drunk, sir.”
“Drunk?” I laughed. “I'm just an honest, hardworking bloke trying to get home”.
“Well, sir,” he replied, “you're not going to get very far in that wheelie bin, are you?”


Our wheelie bin didn't get emptied today because of the snow. Apparently, the local council can't recycle it.


My mail order bride arrived today. I wasn't home at the time so the postman left her behind the wheelie bin.


“Am I the only one that empties the bin in this house?” I shouted.
“Yes,” sighed my wife as she looked at the rubbish, “the rest of us empty it into the wheelie bin outside.”


The council fined me for putting dead bluebottles in my wheelie bin. I was outraged, but then they explained it was for fly-tipping.