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Is a GPS Tracker the Key to Preventing Wheelie Bin Theft?

Is a GPS Tracker the Key to Preventing Wheelie Bin Theft?

Is a GPS Tracker the Key to Preventing Wheelie Bin Theft?


How many times have you read a headline about stolen wheelie bins? Have you actually experienced it yourself? Okay, so it’s not like having your car stolen, but it’s still a headache, especially now that many councils are charging people for replacement bins.

So how do you prevent your bin from being stolen? Is fitting a GPS tracker the answer?

A GPS tracker is a small gadget that uses a SIM card. It constantly monitors its own location via GPS satellites. A tracker won’t stop something being stolen but it will help you find it.


GPS Tracker and Bin


The benefits of using a GPS tracker for your wheelie bin

You can track the device online, and you can usually set up a radius on the map, so that you’re alerted if the bin is moved from your property. Once it’s moving, you’ll be able to see where it’s going, and you can give this information to the police if need be, so they can help track it down.

You can buy small, discrete, waterproof, and tamper proof GPS trackers so would-be thieves don’t even notice that it’s there.

There are some limitations though:

  • GPS signals can vary if there are tall buildings or trees nearby, if there’s bad weather, heavy cloud coverage, or if the bin is in an underground or otherwise concealed car park.
  • GPS Trackers rely on mobile network coverage, so there will be locations where GPS tracking is not possible, just like there are areas where mobile phones won’t work.
  • Determined thieves might find your tracker and disable it, so you need to make sure it’s well-hidden.
  • Remember that a GPS tracker is a potentially very useful way of finding stolen items, but always make sure you don’t go into any risky situations, like confronting thieves on your own. Always contact the police for help in retrieving your item; we love wheelie bins, but a wheelie bin is not worth risking your personal safety for.

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