Gotta Lotta Bottle!

Gotta Lotta Bottle!

Gotta Lotta Bottle


Don’t Bottle It, Recycle Glass!

When you go shopping, take note of how many of the products you buy are packaged in glass; drinks, pasta sauces, and many more. But do you recycle as much glass as you could? You should.

Recycling glass causes 20% less air pollution and 50% less water pollution than producing new glass products. Recycling it saves 68% more energy than producing new glass. Glass does not decline in quality when it is recycled and it can be recycled over and over, unlike other materials.


Glass Bottle


How is glass recycled?

Preparing glass for recycling

Glass preparation starts with you. Rinse glass jars and bottles well, and separate them from other materials, including their lids or caps. If the glass gets mixed with other materials, it can cause contamination.

When the glass is taken to a recycling plant, it is sorted by colour, washed, and processed.

The production of new glass

Recycling plants crush the clean, sorted glass into a material known as cullet. Cullet is in high demand from glass manufacturers, because it's cheaper than buying raw materials and it melts at a lower temperature so it saves energy too. Manufacturers mix the cullet with sand, soda ash and limestone, then this mixture is heated to a temperature of between 2,600 and 2,800 degrees, and liquid glass is produced. The liquid is then poured into a mold, allowed to cool, then it becomes the finished product.

Common uses for recycled glass

Around 90% of recycled glass is used to make new bottles and jars, and some is used to make fibreglass, which is used to insulate homes.

It can also be used in match tips, kitchen work tops and in construction materials.


Bottles and Jars


Recycle more glass with a bottle bin

Recycling in general is on the increase, and thanks to the hard work of local authorities, businesses, and individuals, the figures in the UK are looking very healthy indeed.

But there is always more to do to make sure that we send as little waste as possible to landfill.

Most local councils collect glass as part of their standard kerbside rubbish collections, and aside from this, there are numerous bottle banks all over the country.

Aside from domestic properties, businesses such as bars, restaurants, and coffee shops use the most products in glass containers. Many don’t recycle as much as they could, so if you run a business like this, why not consider purchasing one of our practical and colourful bottle bins?

Bins with a lot of bottle

Our bins are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, and easy to clean. They can hold up to 120 litres of glass. Many businesses store their bins outdoors, so we have made our bins in UV-resistant colours. They are also watertight and extremely durable. They are available in 5 different colours; green, blue, yellow, red, and black, and the black version is made from recycled plastic. If you buy this one, give yourself an extra pat on the back for helping the planet even more!

You don’t have to have a business to make use of our bins. They are also suitable for hospitals, schools, and offices. And if you want to use them for mixed recycling, and not just glass, that’s fine too.

Make your company greener, and invest in a few of our great value bins. Delivery is fast, and only costs £6.95.

Have you got the bottle to invest in some bins, and can you afford not to?