Croydon Residents Petition Against Introduction of New Wheelie Bins

Croydon Residents Petition Against Introduction of New Wheelie Bins

Croydon Residents Petition Against
Introduction of New Wheelie Bins


A group of neighbours are hoping that the petition they have started will convince the council that their homes are not suitable for new wheelie bins that are being delivered in Croydon. The new bin collection service began in the borough yesterday, and most households have received new bins.

Croydon Council said the move from box bins to wheelie bins is expected to increase recycling in the borough and save the council £5 million per year.

But one resident has started a petition which so far has 50 signatures. Their complaint is that they believe that the new bins aren’t suitable for their terraced houses. They say that they want to keep the boxes they currently have which are adequate for them and added that they don’t think that the council should be using a one size fits all approach.

The resident who started the petition said that he can see why larger households would benefit from having the bins, but feels they aren’t needed for their smaller houses.


Wheelie Bins


One lady has been door to door collecting signatures for the petition and she said that it was great to meet people and get a sense of the anger they are feeling about the introduction of the bins. She said that she lives alone and has sciatica, so she would find it difficult to move her bin out to be collected. She added that the bins would block her car so she would potentially have to move them every time she goes out.

A Croydon council member said that the council be flexible on who is given a bin, and cases will be examined by the council and their waste management contractor Veolia. He insisted that decisions about bins will not be made based on opinion, but logistics, so they’ll go out with Velia and review cases.

If residents are given a bin and after a few months, it becomes obvious that it’s not working, they will be able to switch back to their box. The council has already apologised In advance as it expects that there will be ‘teething problems’ with the new service. Around 75% of residents are getting a new collection date.

If you live in Croydon and want to find out your date, you can go to:

And if you’re a resident who would like to sign the petition against the bins, you can find it at: