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What can I do with a broken wheelie bin?

Broken Wheelie Bin

If your broken wheelie bin is cracked, damaged, or otherwise not fit for purpose, what should you do with it? You might be asking yourself ‘can I take my wheelie bin to the tip?’ Read on to find out what you should do with old wheelies.

Some councils let you take broken wheelie bins to the tip

Some councils accept broken wheelie bins at household waste and recycling centres because they are made from hard plastic. Bromley Council for example accepts wheelies at its two recycling centres. Otherwise, residents can arrange a bulky waste collection to get rid of their old wheelies. This won’t be the case with all councils, so to avoid a wasted trip to the tip, check with your local authority first.

What if taking your broken wheelie bin to the tip isn’t an option?

If your ‘can I take my broken wheelie bin to the tip?’ question is met with a firm no, or you just can’t get to the tip, there are other options.

Fix your wheelie bin

If your wheelie is broken beyond repair, you’ll have to replace it. If all that’s wrong is a broken hinge or lid, those issues are fixable. A little search online will show you exactly what you need to do to make your bin as good as new again.

Repurpose your wheelie

Is your wheelie bin no longer fit for putting rubbish in? Don’t despair because you could use it for another purpose. You could use it to store things like firewood. If you’re looking to live a more sustainable life, you could turn it into a water butt for harvesting rainwater. Or a worm farm for creating compost. Wheelie bins truly are all-rounders, so before you decide to get rid of one, think twice.

Recycle your bin

Can’t fix or repurpose it? Then why not recycle it? Wheelies are made from HDPE which is a recyclable plastic. If you’re a business wanting to get rid of old bins, there are companies that will take them off your hands. They’ll usually collect old wheelies from your premises and take them to a recycling centre where they’re processed for reuse.

You’ve got rid of your old broken wheelie bin, now what?

You’ve taken your old broken wheelie bin to the tip or repurposed it. Now you need to find a brand-spanking new one. Look no further. You can find household wheelie bins that suit all sizes of families and even commercial wheelie bins to fit all budgets in our range. Many of our bins are made from recycled plastic so you’ll have peace of mind that you’re doing your bit for the planet. Not only that, you have our promise that every single bin we sell is strong, sturdy, and made to last.

We are the trusted wheelie bin provider for councils across the UK for one simple reason; we know bins. We’ve sold them for over 20 years and when you buy them from us, you know you are getting a quality product. For more interesting articles about all things wheelie bins, check out the rest of our blog

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