Bin Men Who Found the Weirdest Things in the Trash

Bin Men Who Found the Weirdest Things in the Trash

Bin Men Who Found the Weirdest Things in the Trash

Do you ever find your job just a little bit soul-destroying? Spare a thought for these refuse collectors who got more than they bargained for while they were on their rounds. (Note - most of these happened in America. When you read them, you’ll realise why our councils have so many rules on rubbish!)

Smells that leave an imprint on your brain

One bin man had the pleasure of emptying a bin full of dead cats that were starting to decompose. He called the smell ‘unforgettable.’ Well that’s one word for it!

School milk - good for kids, not so much for bin men

One bin man who collects bins from schools on his round said that some schools empty any excess milk in their bins rather than pouring it down the sink. Apparently, it equates to 3 inches of cheese on the bottom of the bin in warm weather - how lovely!

Only in America

A bin man found a stuffed racoon in a bin in New Orleans, which was dressed in a small child’s T-Shirt. It really does take all sorts!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all

One bin man who worked for a biohazard waste removal company found a 2-week old human leg sticking out of a container when he went to collect waste from a hospital.

One man’s trash…

One bin man reported that a man who was moving to another house 5 miles away couldn’t take all of his things with him, so he filled a large bin with his unwanted items which included a PS1, Nintendo games, a white gold necklace with diamonds and a broken but repairable gold chain and allowed him to just take what he wanted.


One bin man said that the most disgusting thing about his job is that one of his fellow workers regularly eats and drinks things he finds in rubbish bins.

Businesses virtually throw money away

A man in the US whose sister worked for a waste management company whose customers included some businesses and schools said that they would regularly throw away valuable things including computer equipment and TVs. He said his sister came across 150 IBM mechanical keyboards which she sold for $100 dollars each on eBay.

Sometimes people throw away treasure

One man came across a large box of matchbox cars in the rubbish, which were valued at £3000-£5000!