Bear Gets Wheelie Bin Takeaway Behind Colorado Springs Restaurant

Bear Gets Wheelie Bin Takeaway Behind Colorado Springs Restaurant

Bear Gets Wheelie Bin Takeaway Behind Colorado Springs Restaurant


What's a bear to do when she comes home, finds a hungry family and there is nothing in the house to fix for dinner? She does what any smart bear will do, heads to the local restaurant, but when she gets there she finds them closed. So being that she's smarter than the average bear, she grabs the nearest garbage bin and takes it home to her hungry family.

This bear has been visiting a local Colorado Springs restaurant two nights in a row. She feels so comfortable she not only grabs the bin and pushes it away she comes back a second night and gets another bin. I guess the Colorado Springs restaurant, the Edelweiss, makes food even bears love. That's a pretty good recommendation of fine dining at its best.


Colorado Bear


The bear is caught on security cameras coming into the parking lot, walks up to the rubbish bin, opens the lid and peeks in. Whatever that bear sees as she peeks in is something she likes, because she then pulls the bin across the parking lot and out of camera range. The bear seems to know exactly what she's after, because she passes right by the recycle bins in favour of the garbage cans as they would say in the USA. 

The owners posted the video on Facebook with a comment that said "intruder stealing the dumpster last night. Wow this must be the Mama. The bear did this two nights in a row.” Edelweiss employees have been warned to look carefully before taking any rubbish to the bin just in case Mama shows up early one night. The restaurant says if the bear continues to come back they may have to chain the bins up and lock the lids. Hopefully this will help discourage the bear, after all you never know when a bear will get the munchies.

So far this bear hasn't caused any harm to anyone, but safety around bears is important. You should always remain calm if you encounter a bear, and don't make any sudden movements. Bears are wild creatures and should be treated as such. Never ever feed them. Never run from a bear if you encounter one, but try to back away slowly and give the bear plenty of room for an escape. Given that a bear can run between 30 and 40 miles per hour and Usain Bolt can only manage a measly 27mph running would be futile.

Bear attacks are rare but they do happen, so being careful is important. Bears are attracted to food so try to keep all food in air tight containers, and never wear clothes you have been cooking in because the smell will attract the bears. Once bears have been conditioned to food containers being available to them they will continue to come back. The best way to prevent any contact with a bear is proper food storage and waste disposal, this will eliminate ninety percent of the chances of coming in contact with a bear.

Next time you find yourself in Colorado Springs you might take the recommendation of the local bears and visit the Edelweiss restaurant.