All-In-One' Wheelie Bin Replaces Recycling Boxes in Northampton

All-In-One' Wheelie Bin Replaces Recycling Boxes in Northampton

‘All-In-One’ Wheelie Bin Replaces
Recycling Boxes in Northampton


Residents in Northampton are getting new all-in-one wheelie bins. Thousands of the new black and blue bins are being rolled out across the town as part of a new scheme to change the way that rubbish is recycled. The bins will replace the three separate boxes that are currently used for recycling.

The council started delivering the bins just over two weeks ago, and all residents are expected to have their bins by the 14th September.

Residents can start using their new bins as soon as they are delivered, but the new fortnightly collection service doesn’t officially begin until the 17th September.

The new all-in-one recycling scheme was promised by waste management contractors Veolia, who took over the contract for Northampton’s bin collections back in June.

The council member for the environment said that the new all-in-one bins are larger so residents can recycle more. The bin also obviously has a lid, unlike the recycling boxes, so this solves the problem of rubbish blowing around the streets. Residents had previously highlighted this problem in a consultation with the council.


Northampton Wheelie Bins

Image courtesy of WRAP UK


Some residents in the town still use sacks for their recycling, and Veolia are currently carrying out an audit to identify properties that have room to store a wheelie bin off the street. The properties that qualify for a wheelie bin are being contacted later in the year, and where there is no room for a bin, alternative recycling options are being considered.

The council have said that delivering the new bins to all eligible residents will take time, as delivery vans can only carry so many in one go, so they are asking residents to only contact them about not receiving a bin on the Friday of the week they were told to expect it.

Food waste and garden waste collections will continue separately and no food or organic waste should be put into the new bins.

Residents can check their collection days on the council’s website from September 17th, and they’ll also be able to find out when they can expect their new bin.