Thirty Wheelie Bins are Stolen, Lost or Damaged in Wigan Every Day

Thirty Wheelie Bins are Stolen, Lost or Damaged in Wigan Every Day

Thirty Wheelie Bins Are Stolen,
Lost or Damaged in Wigan Every Day

 Thirty wheelie bins are stolen, lost, or damaged in Wigan every single day. The council has spent £300,000 in the last 12 months on replacing almost £11,000 bins.

But the council has now drawn a line and told residents that they will be charged £35 for a new black bin as part of the changes to collections. The council said that this move would help save money and it would encourage people to look after their bins. The £35 charge will cover the administrative and delivery costs of replacing a bin. Many nearby councils, including Greater Manchester, already charge for replacements.

The council’s director for environment said that the cost of replacing bins is significant and that introducing charges was not an easy decision to make. He added that he hoped that residents will understand and take steps to keep their bin safe and secure.


Damaged Wheelie Bin


So how can you look after your bin?

With more local authorities than ever making the decision to charge for replacing lost, stolen, or damaged bins, the best thing you can do is make sure you look after yours. Yes they are sturdy and durable, but sadly, they aren’t indestructible. Here’s how to take good care of your bin:

Keep it out of sight

Don’t leave your wheelie bin in the street for too long after it has been emptied because it makes it a target for vandals, thieves, and arsonists. If you’re going to be home late, ask a neighbour to return your bin to your property or if they’re home late, return the favour.

Invest in a wheelie bin store, or at least keep the bin behind a locked gate to keep it hidden from view when it’s on your property too.

Don’t put too much in it

Wheelie bins are tough, it’s true, but depending on their size, they’re only designed to hold a certain amount of rubbish. Stuffing too much in your bin then forcing the lid down can damage the hinges. Try to recycle as much as you can, every little helps, and you shouldn’t have this problem.

Check the wheels for damage

Wheelie bin wheels are built to last, but they will stop functioning as they should if the bin is repeatedly dragged across rough terrain or bounced up and down kerbs. Give the wheels the once over every so often to make sure they’re working okay, and if they are squeaking, give them a spritz of WD40.

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