Isle of Wight Council Launches Garden Waste Collection

Isle of Wight Council Launches Garden Waste Collection

Isle of Wight Council Launches Garden Waste Collection

A garden waste collection service has been launched on the Isle of Wight due to increasing requests from residents. Residents who want their garden waste collected fortnightly have to sign up for a year, at a cost of £60. The current scheme costs £1.95 per week for individual waste collections. People who sign up will get a wheelie bin or hessian sack for their garden waste.

The council said that people told them that they would be willing to pay for the convenience of such a scheme, rather than having to take their waste to a tip. If residents sign up now, they can also have their Christmas tree collected for free.

Dealing with garden waste in the autumn and winter

Clearing your garden in the autumn, before it gets really cold, can help to keep it fairly well-maintained throughout the winter. Fallen leaves in particular turn your garden into a mess, so dealing with these will save you a bigger job later on.

Keep your garden tidy to prevent diseases

Cleaning up dead leaves will remove hiding places for pests and insects that can destroy new plants. You should also remove dead plant material as this can be a breeding ground for plant diseases. Prune dying leaves, stems, and branches too for this reason.

Weed your garden to save work in the spring

Just one weed can produce loads of seeds. Removing weeds now will save you from having to do a lot of work in the spring.

Have your waste collected

After all the raking up of leaves, weeding, trimming, and p have a large amount of garden waste to deal with. Many local councils now offer kerbside garden waste collections, but if they don’t you might have to hire a private waste collection company, who can remove old bits of fence and garden furniture as well as your garden waste. Remember you can also start a compost heap too, to create some nutrient-rich feed for your garden the following year.

Bring your greenery inside

If you miss your garden during the winter months, there’s nothing to stop you bringing plants into your home. In fact, research has shown that being surrounded by plants reduces stress, gets rid of pollutants in the air, and makes you more productive. What’s not to love?