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Purple Wheelie Bins

While not as common as other wheelie bin colours, Purple Wheelie Bins are gaining popularity in the UK, especially among local authorities committed to efficient recycling practices. They’re durable, distinctive, and designed to meet the stringent standards of EN840. What’s more, we offer a huge selection of sizes.

All of our purple wheelie bins are suitable for council use and are certified to EN840 and we have various sizes including purple 240 litre wheelie bins and purple 1100-litre wheelie bins.

Please Note: Although we try to hold as much stock of Purple Wheelie Bins as possible, there maybe occasions where we run low, we will do our best to keep the website updated whenever possible.

You can be sure that our Purple Wheelie Bins are all built to last and provide you with an efficient solution for recycling various waste streams. Here’s a fun fact; in Liverpool, the Red Wheelie Bin has been replaced with the Purple Wheelie Bin to pay homage to Liverpool FC (the reds) and Everton (the blues).

Purple Wheelie Bins are used for a variety of waste types. Some areas use these bins for general waste and food waste while others use them for recycling. Whatever you use your Purple Wheelie Bin for, you can be sure it won’t let you down.

We offer our Purple Wheelie Bins in a wide selection of sizes, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect household bin or a large wheelie bin for your business. All of our bins are made from the most durable materials and built to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

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