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  • 100 Litre Rotho Mobile Container

    Introducing the 100 Litre Rotho Wheelie Bin, the perfect solution for efficient waste disposal. Designed with convenience in mind, this bin offers an extra-wide opening that makes disposing of rubbish easy and hygienic. No more struggling with narrow lids – this bin ensures waste can be disposed of with ease. 

    When it comes to mobility, the 100 Litre Rotho Wheelie Bin is in a league of its own. Equipped with large rubber wheels, transporting your bin from one place to another has never been smoother. The high-positioned back handle ensures easy mobility, allowing you to effortlessly manoeuvre the bin on collection day, even when it's fully loaded.

    Security is also a top priority. This robust compact wheelie bin features a lockable design with a padlock eye, providing you with the option to keep your waste securely contained (padlock available separately). Additionally, a waterproof lid ensures that your waste stays dry and protected, no matter what the weather has in store. With a convenient bag holder for quick and efficient replacements, the 100 Litre Rotho Wheelie Bin is your solution for hassle-free waste management.

    • Extra Wide Opening
    • Large rubber wheels for transporting
    • Lockable with a padlock eye (padlock not supplied)
    • Bag holder for quick and efficient replacement
    • High positioned back handle for easy mobility
    • Waterproof lid
    • 100 Litre capacity

    Other Sizes of Wheelie Bins Available


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  • 3 x 770 Wheelie Bins in any Colour (Pallet Quantity)

    Available in Blue, Green, Charcoal Grey, Red and Yellow.

    When you’re in charge of managing large loads of waste, our 770 Litre Wheelie bin is the ultimate solution. We offer these large industrial wheelie bins at a great price already, but did you know you could make even greater savings when you buy in bulk? If you’re planning on stocking up or buying larger bins for particular waste streams, our pallet option is a great investment. 

    Our 770 Litre Wheelie Bin doesn’t just excel in performance; it’s also durable, 100% recyclable and built to take on the heaviest loads up to 310 kg. It will also stand up to the harshest weather conditions. And for those early hours when noise matters, you can rest easy knowing this bin conforms to the noise protection directive. 

    So, why choose our 770 Litre Wheelie Bin bulk-buy option? It’s all about forward planning and securing cost-effective deals on dependable products. Order today and experience bulk savings that deliver long-term value.

    • Huge savings on buying pallet quantity, under £180 per bin
    • 3 x 770 litre wheelie bins in any colour
    • Will be despatched for a 2-3 working day delivery

    2-5 Working Day Delivery


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  • 24 x 140 Litre Wheelie Bins in any Colour (Pallet Quantity)

    Introducing our cost-effective and convenient bulk-buy waste management solution—our popular 140 Litre Wheelie Bins are available to purchase by the pallet load, offering excellent value for businesses, councils, or households with higher waste disposal requirements. 

    Built to meet the strict standards of EN840 and equipped with front-lifting combs compatible with all waste lorries, our 140 Litre Wheelie Bins provide a durable, reliable, and efficient waste management solution. 

    We offer a variety of colours and the flexibility to mix and match colours across your order. Simply select the ‘Various’ option, and upon order confirmation, reply with the specific quantity and colours you require. Our dedicated team will ensure your order is tailored to your specific needs.

    • 24 x 140 litre wheelie bins in any colour 
    • Will be sent out on a 2-3 working day delivery
    • Colours available in Green, Charcoal, Blue, Red, Yellow and Brown

    If you select the 'Various' option, please reply to the order confirmation with the quantity and colours required.

    Please note that the images and dimensions we provide are for guidance purposes only. The actual product may vary slightly depending on the manufacturing process. For further details, please call us on 01684 292727 or use our live chat service.

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  • 660 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin

    When it comes to durability and ultra-strength, our 660 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin, is the undisputed champion in the waste management arena. Available in a galvanised or powder-coated finish, these wheelie bins are built to last and can handle up to 10 standard 65L refuse sacks. 

    Our 660 Litre Metal Wheelie Bins aren’t just tough; they’re manufactured with precision and rigorously tested to meet EH840 standards, the European benchmark for handling safety and emptying interoperability. The 1.5mm thick steel panels provide exceptional strength and longevity, while internal seam welding keeps your bin watertight. 

    For enhanced safety and manoeuvrability, Danish handles are fitted to our metal 660 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin as standard. Plus, we supply triangle locks at no additional cost.  The swivel and brake castors ensure easy movement on collection day and that your bin stays in place when back at base.

    • Super Strong 660 Litre Metal Wheelie Bins (Eurobins). Available in either Galvanised or a Powder Coated finish in Green, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black.
    • Used by local authorities, contractors, waste management companies and businesses.
    • Manufactured and tested to EN840 (EN840 is the Europe wide standard for emptying interoperability and handling safety).
    • Manufactured from 1.5mm thick steel panels for added strength and durability without compromise.
    • All seems are internally welded preventing any water ingress and increasing longevity in situ.
    • Danish handles fitted as standard which offer improved manoeuvrability and health and safety benefits.
    • All of our metal wheelie bins are fitted with triangle locks as standard. Most manufacturers charge for this, we do not.
    • Our metal bins feature a double-skinned roto moulded lid which is ultra strong and durable. This also has the added bonus of increasing water run-off.
    • One piece pressed base increases the overall strength of the whole container.
    • Comb edge which is compatible with all standard lifting equipment.
    • Fitted with a drain plug as standard to get rid of any liquid and to make cleaning a lot easier.
    • 200mm swivel and brake castors as standard.
    • Available with a range of options including recycling lids, heavy duty vinyl graphics for recycling or your logo

    Dimensions H x W x D:

    Flat Lid Bin - H 1350 mm x W 1260 mm x D 720 mm

    Other Sizes of Metal Wheelie Bins Available

    3-4 Week Lead Time

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  • Sherwood Timber Slatted Wheelie Bin Storage

    Tired of unsightly wheelie bins cluttering your driveway or garden? Our Sherwood Wheelie Bin Store is here to add style to the exterior of your home while discreetly concealing your household waste bins. Expertly handcrafted in the Cotswolds, these bin stores are designed for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

    Built to last for years, our Sherwood Wheelie Bin Store is manufactured from robust galvanised steel. Unlike other units that are built entirely from wood, only the front of this bin store requires seasonal maintenance to keep it looking its best. The Sherwood is also built with simplicity and convenience in mind. It features a lift-up lid with a lift chain and gas struts as standard. This thoughtful design makes emptying your household waste and recyclables easy and efficient. 

    Our Sherwood Wheelie Bin Storage unit is suitable for a wide range of bin sizes from 120 Litre up to 240 Litre Wheelie Bins. Enhance the look of your outdoor space instantly while efficiently hiding away your wheelie bins. We’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

    Sherwood Wheelie Bin Storage Specification:

    • Suitable for 120, 140, 180 and 240-litre wheelie bins
    • Easy access to disposing of rubbish with lifting lids,
    • Manufactured from Galvanised Steel,
    • All fixings are stainless steel as standard,
    • Self-levelling feet and gas struts are supplied as standard,
    • Easy Assembly,
    • Free Standing,

    Sherwood Wheelie Bin Storage Options:

    Wood Slats & Treatment:

    Our wood-fronted wheelie bin storage units use Scandinavian Spruce for the slats, we provide the option for our wooden slats to be either Untreated or Treated.

    Untreated – This is the option if you were looking to apply a wood treatment or stain yourself or were happy with untreated wood.

    Treated – With this option we will prepare your wooden slats with a clear treatment.

    Treated & Stained – With this option, we will treat and stain using OSMO Natural Oil Woodstain, we stock a light (Light Oak) and dark (Oak) stain. If you choose this option, please let us know the colour stain you want on the order notes. (Please note: if you do not we will contact you to confirm, doing this can extend the lead time)


    We provide the option for the metal of our wood-fronted wheelie bin stores to come in two different colours.

    Anthracite Grey – For reference this is RAL 7106.

    Light Grey – For reference this is RAL 7045.

    Sherwood Wheelie Bin Storage Dimensions:

    Single Bin Store

    External Dimensions: 1180 mm x 2220 mm x 800 mm (H x W x D)

    Double Bin Store

    External Dimensions: 1180 mm x 1480 mm x 800 mm (H x W x D)

    Triple Bin Store

    External Dimensions: 1180 mm x 2220 mm x 800 mm (H x W x D)

    Quadruple Bin Store

    External Dimensions: 1180 mm x 2960 mm x 800 mm (H x W x D)

    Other sizes and configurations are available with shelves. If you have questions our team can help and advise.

    Delivery Information:

    Our Sherwood wheelie bin storage units are delivered flat-packed on a pallet by our delivery partners. This makes the delivery eco-friendly, as a result, it reduces how much carbon dioxide it is responsible for. We provide all fixtures along with the product and detailed instructions. For this product, our customer feedback has been that it takes around 1.5 hours to assemble. We advise that two people are present for construction.

    Delivery Lead Time:

    Unlike our wooden wheelie bin stores, these units are stocked in our warehouse in the UK. We try to keep all specifications in stock at all times, however, on rare occasions, we may not have all the constituent parts. On these occasions, there may be a lead time for new stock to come into us. If you want to confirm our stock levels please get in touch with our team on our live chat service and we will be happy to help. If you place an order and we cannot fulfil your order for any reason we will contact you straight away to offer an alternative or advise on lead time.

    Or take a look at other items in our metal wheelie bin storage range

    3-4 Weeks


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  • 12 x 360 Litre Wheelie Bins in any Colour (Pallet Quantity)

    Colours available in Green, Charcoal, Blue, Red, and Yellow

    When you have a lot of weekly waste to take care of, our 360 Litre Wheelie Bin is more than up to the job. It’s larger than the standard size issued by local councils and can take around six full bags of rubbish. If you’re looking for a bulk-buy option that offers excellent value, our pallet quantity of 360 Litre Wheelie Bins is the perfect solution. 

    Ordering in bulk not only unlocks unbeatable savings but also provides you with a fleet of dependable and versatile large wheelie bins. Whether you need to distribute them across your premises or keep them on standby, you'll have the bins you need, when you need them.

    We understand that waste streams vary from council to council, which is why we offer our wheelie bins in a wide selection of colours. Whether you want a pallet of 360L bins in one colour or you want to mix and match, the choice is yours. Simply select the 'Various' option when placing your order, and upon receiving the confirmation email, let us know your desired quantity and colours.

    • 12 x 360 litre wheelie bins in any colour
    • Weight of container 15kg
    • Max permissible weight 160kg

    If you select the 'Various Colours' option, please reply to the order confirmation with the quantity and colours required.

    Please note that the images and dimensions we provide are for guidance purposes only. The actual product may vary depending on the manufacturing process. For further details, please call us on 01684 292727 or use our live chat service.

    2-3 Working Day Delivery


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