Brown Wheelie Bins

Our Brown Wheelie Bins are commonly used throughout the UK for garden waste disposal but are suitable for all waste streams. Whether you’re looking to replace your garden waste wheelie bin or you’re upgrading your existing Brown Wheelie Bin, we offer a wide selection of options in various sizes.

  • 1100 Litre Metal with Transparent Panels - in Brown

    Made in the UK from heavy-duty steel, our 1100 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin With Transparent Sides leaves you in no doubt about which waste stream is inside. Featuring three transparent and tough polycarbonate plastic viewing panels, this large and durable wheelie bin takes the guesswork out of waste disposal planning. 

    The clear-view panels have a triple purpose; first and foremost, they allow you to effortlessly gauge the bin’s capacity, and secondly, they allow collection crews to quickly identify what is inside. And lastly, they also provide an added layer of security, allowing you to see if any individuals have taken refuge inside the bin.  

    When you’re looking for a see-through wheelie bin that offers transparency, efficiency and safety in one, our 1100 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin with Transparent Panels is a wise investment.


    • EN840 Compliant
    • Front operating Brakes
    • Danish side handles fitted to aid with moving
    • Galvanised steel construction
    • All seams are internally welded preventing any water ingress and increasing longevity in situ


    Width 1260 mm

    Height 1410 mm

    Depth 1010 mm

      3 - 4 Weeks

      From £710.96

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    • 1280 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin - in Brown

      Our 1280 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin is the big daddy of our range and offers an impressive load capacity of 440kg. And yet, it has the same footprint as our 1100 litre wheelie bin. These large wheelie bins boast an impressive capacity and are perfect for large-scale waste requirements.

      When you’re looking to maximise waste storage but reduce collection frequency, the 1280 Litre Wheelie Bin is the perfect solution. Crafted from pressed drawn steel, these bins are engineered to last and conform to EN840, the European benchmark for emptying interoperability and handling safety. 

      The comb edge design ensures compatibility with all UK refuse vehicles, making collections safe, easy and efficient. 200mm swivel and brake casters keep your bin in place when stationary and ensure easy movement on collection day. What’s more, we give you the freedom to tailor your 1280 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin your way. From recycling lids to vinyl graphics, the choice is yours.


      • Manufactured and tested to EN840 (EN840 is the Europe-wide standard for emptying interoperability and handling safety).
      • Danish handles are fitted as standard which offers improved manoeuvrability and health and safety benefits.
      • Comb edge which is compatible with all standard lifting equipment.
      • Fitted with a drain plug as standard to get rid of any liquid and to make cleaning a lot easier.
      • 200mm swivel and brake castors as standard.
      • Available with a range of options including recycling lids, heavy duty vinyl graphics for recycling or your logo
      • Fire proof body
      • Load capacity 440kg


      Width 1260 mm

      Height 1410 mm

      Depth 1010 mm


      3-4 Week Lead Time

      From £409.46

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    • 24 x 140 Litre Wheelie Bins in any Colour (Pallet Quantity) - in Brown

      Introducing our cost-effective and convenient bulk-buy waste management solution—our popular 140 Litre Wheelie Bins are available to purchase by the pallet load, offering excellent value for businesses, councils, or households with higher waste disposal requirements. 

      Built to meet the strict standards of EN840 and equipped with front-lifting combs compatible with all waste lorries, our 140 Litre Wheelie Bins provide a durable, reliable, and efficient waste management solution. 

      We offer a variety of colours and the flexibility to mix and match colours across your order. Simply select the ‘Various’ option, and upon order confirmation, reply with the specific quantity and colours you require. Our dedicated team will ensure your order is tailored to your specific needs.

      • 24 x 140 litre wheelie bins in any colour 
      • Will be sent out on a 2-3 working day delivery
      • Colours available in Green, Charcoal, Blue, Red, Yellow and Brown

      If you select the 'Various' option, please reply to the order confirmation with the quantity and colours required.

      Please note that the images and dimensions we provide are for guidance purposes only. The actual product may vary slightly depending on the manufacturing process. For further details, please call us on 01684 292727 or use our live chat service.

      2-3 Working Day Delivery


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    From grass clippings to leaves and tree trimmings, our Brown Wheelie Bins will take care of your waste until it’s ready to be collected. Our brown bins are reliable, robust, and manufactured to ensure they comply with EN840.

    We understand that every home and business has unique waste disposal needs. That’s why we offer our Brown Wheelie Bins in a wide selection of sizes. From our Outdoor Dustbins to our heavy-duty 1100 Litre Wheelie Bins, we have you covered for every waste stream and waste amount.

    Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing Brown Wheelie Bin or you’re replacing your existing bin, our range has all you need. From our plastic bins to our metal bins, all are designed to give you years of dependable use. Check out the customisation options we offer on each bin, too.