• Metal Trash Can

    Our Metal Trash Can is designed to take care of your waste with the least amount of fuss. Simply lift the lid, toss in the waste and your rubbish will be contained securely until it’s ready to be collected. When you’re looking for a robust, smart and convenient way to store rubbish until collection day, this dustbin won’t let you down. 

    It might surprise you to know that our Metal Trash Can is available in an array of bright colours, as well as the traditional galvanised “silver” style. This means you can choose a bin that matches your outdoor decor, or the specific waste stream you want to use it for. Always check with your local council which colours they accept before placing an order. 

    And when it comes to the elements, your Metal Trash Can will stand up to the most extreme weather, from frost to heavy rain. It’s resistant to corrosion and will give you many years of dependable use. We also offer next-day delivery on this metal dustbin, perfect if you need a new dustbin urgently.

    • All metal construction
    • Lift off lid
    • Side carry handles
    • Available in 5 colour options
    • Manufactured in the UK

    Trashcan Dimensions

    700mm (Height) x 530mm (Diameter)

    Other Sizes of Dustbins Available


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  • Bottle Bins - 120 Litres

    Our 120 Litre Bottle Bin is the most popular in our range and for good reason. When you’re looking for a bottle bin skip that takes care of bottle waste efficiently, this is the ideal solution for homes and businesses. Featuring an open top, bottles can be deposited easily and quickly and securely stored until collection day. 

    We offer our 120 Litre Bottle Bin in a range of colours. They’re visually appealing, easy to identify and are also UV resistant. Designed with convenience and practicality in mind, our Bottle Bins feature a rolled edge and swivel castor wheels, making them easy and safe to manoeuvre. Their watertight and durable construction ensures that any drips from bottles are contained. 

    Cleaning and maintenance of our 120 Litre Bottle Bin is easy thanks to its open design. These bottle bins also make an eco-friendly choice; our Black Bottle Bins are made from 100% recycled plastic. Please note that due to their popularity, supplies of this particular bottle bin skip may be limited. Use our live chat or give us a call to check availability.

    • Available in Green, Blue and Black colour options
    • UV resistant colours
    • Rolled edge for easy manoeuvrability and comfort
    • Watertight and durable
    • Lightweight and easy to clean
    • Black is manufactured from recycled plastic


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  • Confidential Waste Wheelie Bin

    When it comes to protecting your sensitive and confidential documents from prying eyes, our Confidential Waste Wheelie Bin is the ideal solution. These secure and lockable bins keep all confidential waste safely contained until it is ready for shredding and disposal. 

    The optional paper slot and lock mechanism allow access to authorised employees only and ensure documents can be disposed of easily. Whether you need to dispose of medical documents, financial records or sensitive client information, our Confidential Wheelie Bin meets the strictest privacy and security requirements. 

    And when it comes to build and durability, our Confidential Wheelie Bin comes into its own. Compliance with EN840 ensures these bins are safe to handle and compatible with all UK refuse vehicles. They are also easy to manoeuvre thanks to their durable wheels and axle. Reduce the risk of your documents getting into the wrong hands by placing an order today.

    • A Triangular Lock,
    • Slot Aperture,
    • Deflector Plate,

    They are available in other colours including red, green and black wheelie bins.


    2-5 Working Day Delivery


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  • 4 x 660 Litre Wheelie Bins in any Colour (Pallet Quantity)

    660 Litre wheelie bin available in GreenRedBlue, Yellow or Charcoal Grey

    When you need a waste management solution that tackles large-scale waste disposal requirements, our bulk-buy 660 Litre Wheelie Bins are the answer. We supply them by the pallet, giving you access to unbeatable savings and convenience. 

    Councils and businesses up and down the country rely on our 660 Wheelie Bins to handle the toughest loads. Built to last and to comply with strict EN840 standards, this industrial wheelie bin is big on space and features. Buying wheelie bins in bulk ensures you always have a reliable fleet of robust bins at your disposal. 

    We understand that waste streams vary from region to region, which is why you’ll find our 660 Litre Wheelie Bins come in a wide range of colours. When you’re looking for a wheelie bin that offers exceptional strength and capacity, our large wheelie bins are the ideal choice.

    • Manufactured and tested to EN840 (This is the European wide standard for emptying, interoperability and handling safety).
    • Popular Commercial Wheelie Bin Size
    • Made from Virgin material for extra strength and durability.
    • Manufactured in Europe.
    • Maximum strength additives for resistance to UV and extremes in temperature.
    • High strength trunions and extra strength comb lift bar.
    • 100% recyclable at end of life.
    • Actual empty weight is 40kg
    • Nominal loading capacity 270kg

    Please Note: Currently only Green and Charcoal are made in the UK. But we will be expanding the range ASAP.

    660 Litre Wheelie Bin Dimensions

    1160mm x 1370mm x 799mm (H x W x D)

    2-5 Working Day Delivery


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  • 4 x 1100 Litre Wheelie Bins in any Colour (Pallet Quantity)

    Our 1100 Litre Wheelie Bins are built to last, designed for heavy loads, and comply with EN840 for safety and inoperability. They’re also available in a pallet quantity that offers exceptional value. 

    If you’re planning on replenishing your working backstock, or you have a need for multiple bins around your premises, our bulk-buy option is the perfect solution. When it comes to large industrial wheelie bins, our 1100 Litre Wheelie Bins are the ultimate choice for a wide selection of waste streams. 

    The 1100 Litre Wheelie Bin doesn’t just excel in performance; it’s durable, recyclable and able to handle heavy loads of general waste, recyclables or organic material. Built to last and serve you well for many years, this is a bin that will give you an excellent return on your investment, especially when you consider the bulk savings on offer.

    • Huge savings by buying 4 wheel bins in pallet quantity. Under £150 per bin!
    • 4 x 1100 litre wheelie bins in any colour
    • Will be sent out on a 2-3 working day delivery
    • Colours available are Green, Charcoal, Blue, Red, Brown and Yellow

    2-5 Working Day Delivery


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  • 1100 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin

    When it comes to dependable durability and strength, nothing beats our 1100 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin. Engineered to withstand the test of time and high-demand settings, this is a bin that won’t let you down and which can stand up to the harshest weather conditions and toughest environments. 

    Choose from a galvanised or powder-coated finish; whichever you choose will help you to manage high volumes of waste with ease. Our 1100 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin doesn’t just promise toughness. These wheelie bins are manufactured and rigorously tested to meet EH840 standards for handling safety and emptying interoperability. 

    Robust 1.5mm thick steel panels provide additional strength, while Danish handles, fitted as standard, offer easy manoevrability and health and safety benefits. We also provide a range of optional extras, such as forklift pockets, a drop front door, or vinyl graphics. Just tell us how you would like to customise your 1100 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin when you place your order. 

    • Super Strong 1100 Litre Metal Wheelie Bins (Eurobins). Available in either Galvanised or a Powder Coated finish in Green, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black.
    • Used by local authorities, contractors, waste management companies and businesses.
    • Manufactured and tested to EN840 (EN840 is the Europe-wide standard for emptying interoperability and handling safety).
    • Manufactured from 1.5mm thick steel panels for added strength and durability without compromise.
    • All seams are internally welded preventing any water ingress and increasing longevity in situ.
    • Danish handles are fitted as standard which offers improved manoeuvrability and health and safety benefits.
    • Our metal bins feature a double skinned roto moulded lid which is ultra strong and durable. This also has the added bonus of increasing water run-off.
    • One piece pressed base increases the overall strength of the whole container.
    • Comb edge which is compatible with all standard lifting equipment.
    • Fitted with a drain plug as standard to get rid of any liquid and to make cleaning a lot easier.
    • 200mm swivel and brake castors as standard.
    • Available with a range of options including recycling lids, heavy duty vinyl graphics for recycling or your logo

    1100 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin Dimensions (H x W x D):

    H 1410 mm x W 1265 mm x D 1000 mm

    Other Sizes of Metal Wheelie Bins Available

    2-3 Week Lead Time

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  • 100 Litre Rotho Mobile Container

    Introducing the 100 Litre Rotho Wheelie Bin, the perfect solution for efficient waste disposal. Designed with convenience in mind, this bin offers an extra-wide opening that makes disposing of rubbish easy and hygienic. No more struggling with narrow lids – this bin ensures waste can be disposed of with ease. 

    When it comes to mobility, the 100 Litre Rotho Wheelie Bin is in a league of its own. Equipped with large rubber wheels, transporting your bin from one place to another has never been smoother. The high-positioned back handle ensures easy mobility, allowing you to effortlessly manoeuvre the bin on collection day, even when it's fully loaded.

    Security is also a top priority. This robust compact wheelie bin features a lockable design with a padlock eye, providing you with the option to keep your waste securely contained (padlock available separately). Additionally, a waterproof lid ensures that your waste stays dry and protected, no matter what the weather has in store. With a convenient bag holder for quick and efficient replacements, the 100 Litre Rotho Wheelie Bin is your solution for hassle-free waste management.

    • Extra Wide Opening
    • Large rubber wheels for transporting
    • Lockable with a padlock eye (padlock not supplied)
    • Bag holder for quick and efficient replacement
    • High positioned back handle for easy mobility
    • Waterproof lid
    • 100 Litre capacity

    Other Sizes of Wheelie Bins Available


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  • Recycled Bottle Skips - Available in 5 Sizes

    Our Recycled Bottle Skips offer a double whammy when it comes to protecting the environment; not only do they help you to recycle efficiently but are made from recycled materials, too. Manufactured from robust and durable polyethylene, these bottle skips are built to last and promote responsible disposal of bottles. 

    Designed for efficiency, our Recycled Bottle Skips are fitted with four swivel castors, making it easy to move these bins around the workplace, whether it’s a lively bar, bustling restaurant, or any business that’s passionate about the planet. 

    Our Recycled Bottle Bins are available in a variety of sizes, offering flexibility to suit your specific needs and requirements. Whether you choose 125 Litre Bottle Bin or the 185 Litre Bottle Bin, you’ll be making a wise choice that gives you many years of dependable use.


    • UK manufactured
    • Available in 5 sizes
    • Recycled content
    • Lightweight and easy to move


    • 01 - External dimensions: 660 x 470 x 690mm (L x W x H) - 125 Litre
    • 02 - External dimensions: 600 x 445 x 795mm (L x W x H) - 130 Litre
    • 03 - External dimensions: 815 x 445 x 670mm (L x W x H) - 160 Litre
    • 04 - External dimensions: 970 x 360 x 670mm (L x W x H) - 160 Litre
    • 05 - External dimensions: 660 x 620 x 695mm (L x W x H) - 185 Litre


    7-10 Working Days


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