Wheelie Bin News Roundup 12th November

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 12th November

A Dublin man was caught with almost 200 Euros worth of drugs, including cannabis stored in wheelie bins and cocaine in his kitchen. The man pleaded guilty in court and was sentenced to five years in prison with the final two years to be suspended pending good behaviour on release. The man was driving a taxi and was stopped by the police on suspicion of driving under the influence. He had cannabis with him in the car and he admitted to having more drugs at home, including cannabis herb and resin that he was storing in wheelie bins. He told the police that he took cannabis for back pain and that he was storing drugs in his house as a favour to someone he owed money to.

A new system has been set up in Tendring so residents can check if they will get a wheelie bin as part of the council’s controversial new waste collection scheme. In June, the council will move from weekly to fortnightly waste collections and the majority of households will get a wheelie bin. Some properties, namely those with no side access, no front boundary, and those on some rural routes will continue with their current weekly black sack collection. Posters have been added to refuse lorries to start publicising the new scheme early. The council has also encouraged people to check whether they will be getting a wheelie bin or not.

A spokesperson for the council said that the new system will allow it to continue its waste contract at hardly any extra cost and that the introduction of wheelie bins will mean a reduction in rubbish strewn around due to split rubbish bags. He added that anyone who needs assisted collections can apply now before the changes are introduced in June.

Residents can check if they will be getting a bin at tendringdc.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/new-waste-service

Around 30 wheelie bins were destroyed when a fire broke out at a recycling plant in Beddington. Around 25 firefighters attended the blaze, where as well as the bins, the external cladding of a neighbouring property was also damaged. Fire crews from Croydon, Norbury, and Wallington took more than an hour to get the blaze under control. London Fire Brigade said there were no injuries and that the cause of the fire was being investigated.