Size Matters: How Much Waste Do You Wheelie Produce?

You might think it doesn’t matter what size your kitchen bin is, as long as it does its job, right? But what if you have a new addition to the family, the council has reduced the frequency of your bin collections, or you’ve had a party and now you’re finding you’re having to trudge out in the cold to put out the rubbish far more often than you would like?

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How to Throw a Zero Waste Kid’s Party

Piles of paper plates and cups, a mountain of disposable cutlery, and lots of leftover food. This is usually what’s left at the end of the average kid’s birthday party. The mountain of waste not only hurts your pocket, it hurts the planet. But the good news is that by making a few savvy changes, you can throw your little ones a party to remember with zero waste.

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How Gardeners Can Help Fight Plastic Pollution

We discard millions of plastic bottles on a daily basis, but could you not upcycle these in your garden?  For example, why not cut out a rectangular opening on the top of the bottle and will it with compost and plants to make a bee-friendly planter.  

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