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Manchester Woman Calls 999 on Maggots in Wheelie Bin

There's precious little less appetizing than festering rubbish and maggots, but one woman in Manchester found exactly that when she opened her bin lid - and promptly dialled 999. Although emergency operators might have more severe things to deal with than the single grossest sight any housewife can find on her property, dirty rubbish bins and hot summer months don't mix well, and unattended rubbish can attract all sorts of creepy crawlies with bothersome odours that can waft into neighbouring homes.

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How to Keep Maggots Out Of Your Wheelie Bin

Maggots are rank creatures that often find their ways into our rubbish despite our many efforts to keep them away. Despite being relatively harmless, they are quite unattractive and filthy and do not belong anywhere near your home. Here are a few tips to keep these fly larvae out of your wheelie bins.

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