How to Keep Maggots Out Of Your Wheelie Bin

How To Keep Maggots Out Of Your Wheelie Bin

Maggots are rank creatures that often find their ways into our rubbish despite our many efforts to keep them away. Despite being relatively harmless, they are quite unattractive and filthy and do not belong anywhere near your home. Here are a few tips to keep these fly larvae out of your wheelie bins.

If maggots are out of control in your rubbish, you must first get rid of the existing maggots before the problem will entirely disappear. Some methods often used to dispose of larvae infestations include bug poison spray or moth balls, but both of these methods are toxic and possibly dangerous. A safer method for dealing with the nasty white bugs includes taking your electric kettle and pouring the boiling water all over them. Of course, you will most likely want to clean it after doing this. If you don’t want to put on the kettle just to solve your problem, you can mix vinegar and water to make a safe, non-toxic bug poison. Just spray the concoction on and around where you see maggots and coat your wheelie bins in it just to be on the safe side.

One of the most overlooked ways that maggots can appear in your outdoor waste receptacles is through flies going in and out of your rubbish. Since these flies (or other flying insects) make their way into your refuse to feast on rubbish in your wheelie bins, they think it is a great place to procreate and then raise their resultant children. The offspring of these fly couples then manifest themselves in your wheelie bins as tiny white maggots that are filthy and unpleasant to the eye. The easiest solution to keep flies and other insect out of your bins is to keep the lids closed at all times and only open them when it is absolutely necessary. If your refuse container has no lid, it is best to keep waste in thick, reinforced bags at all times in order to keep insects from smelling your lovely rubbish, and it also prevents them from entering either way.

Keeping insects away in general is a good preventative measure. If you were to use an electric “bug zapper” that uses shocking blasts to kill intruding bugs, this would definitely keep maggots out of your rubbish.

In order to prevent the return of the larvae of flying insects in and around your rubbish bins, you must keep them clean at all times. Bugs and maggots both love filthiness and moisture, so if you can keep your bins clean and dry at all times, flies will not even want to spawn anywhere near your home, as they only enjoy rubbish. To be certain, a favourite remedy of old is to take the aromas of mint, eucalyptus, and bay leaves and make sure it surrounds the area that you do not wish to see maggots in again. Most insects hate the scent of the stuff, so they will give your wheelie bins a very safe distance as they search for viable breeding grounds for their children.

The maggot is not a very dangerous creature, but unfortunately their appearance represents disease and uncleanliness in general, so anybody who wishes to keep a clean household must kill these creatures and make their home unwelcome to them in the future. With following these tips, your abode will be clean and free of maggots for as long as you wish your wheelie bins to be a place to throw away rubbish, not a wretched hive of maggots and filthy creatures nobody would want to go near.