We sell wheelie bins to all kinds of customers across the UK. From local authorities in Yorkshire to individual homes in the Cotswolds, the hospitals of Wales to schools across Aberdeenshire - our customers range from individuals who require an extra bin, to organisations in need of hundreds at a time. That’s why we keep our prices low, our delivery fast, and our service top-notch at all times.

A particularly popular choice is a classic product with exceptional value. We sell sets of twenty brand new 140-litre blue wheelie bins for just £25 each and £6.95 delivery, meaning that you get the lot for just £506.95. This deal is chosen by many offices, warehouses and universities due to the large amount of waste paper produced, but we’ve even been contacted by residents of a close-knit neighbourhood who required extra wheelies and clubbed together to get a great deal.

Another instance of making the most of this bulk order is if you’ve received funding for setting up a local litter pick. Many local authorities use blue wheelie bins for mixed recyclables, making ours the perfect type for using as part of a community group dedicated to cleaning up the streets. For tips on setting up a litter picking group, check out this blog post.

And then of course there are local authorities, which are our most frequent taker-upper of such a fine and dandy bulk bargain. Ever wondered where your council-provided wheelie bins come from? A huge amount across the nation come from us, as we have an excellent reputation through guaranteeing the lowest prices, delivery within 2-3 working days,  and all domestic, trade and public sector email enquiries being replied to within one hour.

Naturally, if twenty blue wheelie bins isn’t for you, we have a wide range of other products. Maybe you’d prefer a single 240-litre brown bin for your garden waste, or a whopping 1,100-litre monster on wheels for large projects and heavy daily usage. Or perhaps you need something quite specific, such as a bright red wheelie bin for a doctors’ surgery, or a range of bottle bins for your bar. Whatever your requirements, we have you covered.

Get in touch on 01452 859840 or email us at sales@wheeliebins.co.uk and we’ll help you find exactly what you need in no time at all, and for an amazing price!


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