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Best Way to Clean a Wheelie Bin

Clean a Wheelie Bin

If you’re wondering about the best way to clean a wheelie bin, it probably depends on which camp you fall into. Are you eco-conscious and prefer to use natural products in and around the home? Or do you prefer to blast germs with standard cleaners? Either way, you can get your wheelie bin sparkling clean and odour-free.

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Sustainable Living - Eco-Friendly Festival Experience

Eco-Friendly Festival

Did you go to a festival this summer? How many headlines did you see about litter left behind? Sustainability might be the last word that comes to mind. But it is possible to be an eco-friendly festival-goer. Ready to minimise your impact on the environment?

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Is Bin Freshener Worth It?

Bin Freshener

From nappies to food waste, our bins bear the brunt of it all. Hands up who’s walked into the kitchen on a warm day and been met by a not so pleasant odour? So how do you stop your bins from smelling? Is bin freshener worth it or is there a better way?

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What to Do If My Bin is Lost or Stolen? 

Lost Bin

You might not pay too much attention to your humble wheelie bin. It does its job, day in, day out. Until one day, it’s not there. It gets put back in the wrong place by the council and someone else claims it. It gets stolen by vandals or someone who wants to sell it on. Either way, it’s an inconvenience. So what do you do about a lost bin?

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Should I Buy A Council Wheelie Bin?

Council Bin
There are many scenarios where you might need a new wheelie bin. If your old one gets damaged, lost, or stolen. If you move into a new home and the former residents have taken the bin with them. Maybe you’re a property developer who’s converted a building into a residential property. But do you need to buy a council bin?

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What Size Is My Wheelie Bin - A Simple Guide

Wheelie bins come in all shapes and sizes in the UK. They come in a veritable rainbow of colours too. But how tall are they? How wide are they? Most wheelie bins are measured by their litre capacity, not by length, height and width, and this can make things difficult when measuring up for a wheelie bin store.

In this simple helpful guide, we’ll provide you with wheelie bin dimensions for the most popular council bin sizes in the UK. Armed with this information, you can shop with confidence, knowing that your bins will fit comfortably inside your chosen wheelie bin storage unit. 

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Sustainable Living A Day at the Beach

Day at the Beach

"Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside". With the rise of Staycations this year, many more of us will be flocking to the UK coast. But would you want to lounge around on a beach that was full of litter? Pollution and rubbish blight many of our coastlines and it doesn’t have to be this way. Be part of the solution not the problem by following our tips for a sustainable day at the beach.

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