Wheelie Bin News Roundup 22nd April

The latest Wheelie Bin Roundup features a story about how a 9-year old girls attempt at keeping her local park clean and tidy has been sabotaged by a group of youths. North West Leicestershire District Council has been criticised for attaching non-recyclable flyers to around 45,000 wheelie bins and people living near Ellesmere park in Farnworth, Manchester, say it’s being blighted by youths who are constantly setting fire to wheelie bins.

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The Reducing Waste Series: Health Care

The NHS is under more pressure than ever before. It’s under financial pressure, the workforce is stretched to its limits, and it also needs to reduce its carbon emissions - all reasons why it has to reduce waste and use its precious resources more efficiently. 

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Reducing Waste: Schools

Schools in England throw enough waste away every day to fill 185 double-decker buses! Most of this waste could be avoided by reducing waste, reusing items, and recycling wherever possible. If schools cut down on waste, it’s good news for budgets and the environment. Here’s our guide on how schools can be greener.

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